Forthscale Heili technology

Forthscale Heili has started as a monitoring system integrating data from IT infrastructure and business objectives. However during the development process we, at Forthscale came to realize that just monitoring is simply not enough. Modern stacks require different level of automation. Introducing Heili.IDIOM, Artificial Intelligence driven DevOps automation system for management of cloud infrastructure. Heili.IDIOM can be used as standalone system for developers at the very beginning or as an axillary (AI autopilot) system, saving human working time on operations issues.

Heili platform components

We have developed Heili platform to be as modular as possible, scroll down for more info or
Visit our HeiliHQ page for demo and trial


Revisor is a cloud infrastructure costs monitor. It helps keeping budget by constantly monitoring and informing you in a simple manner on the size of your cloud bill. You can get updated in real time on your browser, mobile or email. You can even set thresholds and receive alerts then bill surpass them. Multiple cloud providers? No problem. Revisor can combine data from various supported platforms making is simple for you to understand how much you are going to be charged.


Chronos is a cloud servers uptime manager. It allows you to schedule then your cloud servers will be started and stopped, making sure you do not get charged for the server time you do not need. Have development, QA, staging or other servers that do not need to run 24x7? then Chronos with it’s simple, intuitive web interface is a right tool for you to save costs.

Heili monitoring

Monitoring is an essential part of our platform. It is an innovative and highly configurable system for visual presentation and prediction of system trends correlated to business activity. It supports different business activities and has a collection of plug-ins for all major application stack components, such as Java, Python, Php, Node.JS, Linux OS and more.